Bus Beard Man Part 3…The Final Chapter

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Out in the streets of Oakland, The Bearded Man is interviewed. It’s obvious my man is a little bit, “not right.”

And with that, I’m DONE with this story.



Keef Brown – Phenomenal Quotes

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Keef Brown, AKA Big Keef, is a cat who I have had the chance to speak with online, and he is a very intelligent cat. Keef is a college student who is doing the spoken word ish, make sure to check his work out and get familiar with him. Keef is insightful, intelligent and has a dope flow to his words. I was very impressed by this project.


Fred The Godson – Big Bronx Mixtape

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Fred The Godson’s mixtape Big Bronx is available here via 2DopeBoyz

Make sure you check it out, Fred is nasty with the punchlines.
Download the MIXTAPE HERE, & check the cover art with the tracks listed:

Clark Kent – I LOVE NY Party in ATL

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Shout to the homie Sha Stimuli who was tweetin’ last night as DJ Clark Kent went IN for New York in ATL. This is a montage of a few of the joint Clark dropped, and I must say he is a patient dude, I mighta duffed a few cats who were requesting, booing and basically gettin’ up in Clark’s personal space. Anyway, as usual, Clark rocked the spot.

Again shouts out to Sha Stimuli, who was tweetin’ about this last night, as you can see in the video as he is on his phone keeping everyone in NY updated in the background.


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I am a big ‘Fest fan…and have been looking forward to El Che so I am excited.

An interesting moment comes around 3:10 where Yaya asks about the blog beef btwn 2DopeBoyz.com and RapRadar. Basically Rhymefest quickly breaks down the difference between indie money and major money, and responds to BDot’s “Sewer” reference about “Underground” rappers. Rhymefest also discusses the reason he did not have Kanye West on his sophomore effort.

One last thing, on May 18th; BUY EL CHE!!!!!!!

Joell Ortiz – Shake Freestyle

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Joell said on his twitter, even though Cool and Dre “dont fuck with” him, he still had to rock over The Game’s “Shake” beat they produced. As usual, I like this, but Joell rarely disappoints me.


Apparently The Old Man On The Bus Has Already Been on Youtube!

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Remember this video? I do, and it turns out it is the same guy who just beat up some dude on a bus in Atlantic City.

And there’s a part 2 to the bus video: