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Lil Wayne Documentary Sneak Peek

Posted in Movie Reviews on November 17, 2009 by thefreshness

Lil Wayne Documentary Trailer

Posted in Movie Reviews, Music you should be listening to on November 9, 2009 by thefreshness

Avatar Movie Trailer

Posted in Movie Reviews on November 2, 2009 by thefreshness

So as I watched football Sunday, world series games etc. there was one commercial/trailer that kept playing. The trailer was for the movie “Avatar” coming out in December. Now I personally don’t watch cartoons/anime or any of that stuff. It’s not my thing. This movie, though, looks AMAZING. I think I am going to have  to check this out. Watch the trailer.

ATeam Movie

Posted in Movie Reviews on November 1, 2009 by thefreshness

Im about a week or so late on this one, but i give myself a late pass. Im a busy man! ATeam movie is coming out, my man Rampage Jackson is playing BA Baracus, but heres the picture for the movie, the cast is looking serious!


Where the Wild Things Are!!

Posted in Movie Reviews on October 13, 2009 by thefreshness

The only book i remember as a true staple of my childhood has been made into visual art by Spike Jonze. I have been offered 2 tickets to tomorrow’s preview advanced screening in NYC and my review will follow! Stay tuned.

The Wackness – Movie Review

Posted in Movie Reviews on August 19, 2008 by thefreshness

Man oh man, Senior year of high school. For some it was the best of times, for others…not so much. The summer between Senior year and the first year of college can be a weird transition, some go on vacations, some go to freshman orientation and some get stuck at home. I mean, after four years of high school and having the world by the proverbial balls, it’s time to take a step closer to the real world. Life smacks you in the face like that branch from the ugly tree hit Tori Spelling…hard. These teens are now faced with the reality that, although they thought they had the world figured out and knew all there was to know, they haven’t scratched the tip of the iceberg yet. These “senior summers” are intense, but don’t get it twisted, there is still fun to be had.

“The Wackness” is a film about one of those summers. The summer of ’94, I personally was 13 at the time and felt a huge wave of nostalgia come over me from the minute the opening credits rolled up until the house lights came on. 1994 is the summer when Luke Shapiro (Josh of “Drake and Josh fame) comes to grips with his family issues, learns about girls/sex, discovers some dope music and essentially learns “how to deal.” Josh..err…Luke, (I feel bad for Drake, he must feel left out),  is a kid who we New Yorkers can all relate to, or know someone who can. Luke is a Hip Hop Head, a term we use for aficionados of the art form which many believe to have peaked in ’94, Hip Hop. Luke saunters around the city acting like a bit of a deuschebag, which covers up the fact that he feels like he is utterly alone. Luke often escapes into his walkman by popping in the latest TAPE…yes, cassette tape. Luke had friends with names like, The Notorious B.I.G. and Q-Tip.  Now, a little earlier I mentioned our main character learns, “how to deal.” This term is writen in quotes because our akward jewish hip hop head deals pot out of a fake ice cream cooler on wheels, and he’s damn good at it. Luke always has the best stuff and thanks to this he prides himself on being the most popular of the unpopular. Luke is cool enough to buy weed from, but not cool enough to chill with. 

Early on we meet Luke’s best customer, Dr. Squires played by Ben Kingsley. Squires is a shrink, and works on a barter system for Luke. Luke gives Squires free weed in exchange for couch time. It seems as if the good doctor is living vicariously through Luke, giving him advice which at times doesn’t seem kosher. Squires it turns out is not the happiest many in New York City. He, like Luke is kind of lonely. Squires the shrink is married to a woman who seems to be numb. Squires’ wife, (Famke Janssen) is gorgeous, but extremely cold and distant. The couple live in a chic apartment paid for, no doubt, with the money Dr. Squires listens out of his elite clientele, with Squires’ step daughter Stef played by Olivia Thrilby, who is not hard on the eyes…at all. Stef attended the same high school as Luke and is spending the summer of ’94 in the city as well. Luke is excited by the prospect of having Stef in the city all summer because, well, let’s keep it real her friends will all be out of town and the competition will not be stiff for Stef’s attention. This crush Luke has on Stef is not welcomed by Squires, you would think he was protecting his step-daughter. The truth in fact, is that he was trying to protect Luke. The friendship which grows between Luke and Squires is the central relationship in the film, and it is both awkward and heartwarming. Luke makes Squires a mixtape, something which cats used to do back in the day for a girl they liked. Squires accompanies Luke on a few missions and adventures throughout the city which include tagging up a storefront, smoking a blunt, making out with Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate Olsen), and getting arrested. Some shrink huh? Throughout these wacked out events, Squires does truly become Luke’s best friend, and it seems genuine.

Jonathan Levine wrote this character of Luke as such a genuine NYC teen that I feel like he reminds me of myself and many of the kids I grew up with in Brooklyn. Luke can be a dick, he can sell water to a well, he has a tough exterior but he cares alot about the people around him. Luke is not your typical annoying movie teenager, he is thoughtful, and sensitive but still sort of cool. I guess you don’t have to be gangsta to be cool. Plus Luke rocks the floppy haired, middle part, “butt cut” which all of us whiteboys had in the 90’s. That authentic 90’s feel is one of the most endearing qualities of this movie. The kids use the word “Mad” mad times(see what I did there?). Other words like “peace,” “aight,” and “no doubt” which were staples of our lexicon are used in a way which makes them sound real…not in a humorous way. The music, oh man the music! Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie and more play throughout. Each song can take a person like me back to a time and place where that song was on for the first time, and those feelings of nostalgia are part of the appeal of “The Wackness.” There are no big chase scenes, no huge fights, no terrible drama or great catastrophe in this film. Much like real life the summer begins, happens and ends. Nothing really changed, but at the same time, everything changed. This mirrors real life, aight?

I wanted to LOVE “The Wackness.” I really did. I have to say though it wasn’t GREAT.
Josh Peck did a pretty good job at Luke, but at times I felt he fell a bit short, and got a little corny. Method Man’s cameo was weak as well. Playing Luke’s pot connect, Mr. Meth used a lame jamaican accent which was totally unbelievable. The movie had to decide if it wanted to be light and entertaining or really heavy, which at times it attempted to be with Luke’s family situation or Squires’ suicide attempt. The heavy serious issues were not done very well and sort of felt displaced. All in all the movie was a good “Coming of age” flick. I would love to see Levine with some real studio money make a film because I think he can only go up from here.

The soundtrack, in my opinion is the best part of “The Wackness.” I urge you, if you grew up in the 90’s, or if you enjoy hip hop, go to iTunes and download it, because in a world of music there is wackness all around us, I’d rather choose to listen to the dopeness.