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Closed Session – Crack The Code – Rhymefest & Skyzoo

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Posted in Interviews on February 20, 2010 by thefreshness

I am a big ‘Fest fan…and have been looking forward to El Che so I am excited.

An interesting moment comes around 3:10 where Yaya asks about the blog beef btwn and RapRadar. Basically Rhymefest quickly breaks down the difference between indie money and major money, and responds to BDot’s “Sewer” reference about “Underground” rappers. Rhymefest also discusses the reason he did not have Kanye West on his sophomore effort.

One last thing, on May 18th; BUY EL CHE!!!!!!!

Freeway Takes A Tour of Philly

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Free takes us on a tour of his favorite spots in Philadelphia…for the record I lived in Philly for a minute and Ishkabibble’s is NO JOKE.

I lived in Philly during the height of the State Prop’s fame, and personally I am a pretty big fan of Free and I really like Young Chris’ joints, Chris makes a cameo in this video to discuss the track they recorded together for Freeway’s “Stimulus Package.”

Court Dunn – DXNext on

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I love is music videos. I love music videos even more when artists with small budgets are being, “put on.” In NYC there are 2 film makers I really like/respect, both of whom do alot of indie music videos. One of those guys is Court Dunn. Through my limited internet contact with him he has always been a really cool guy and that goes a long way with me. In addition to that he is a really talented guy who is being recognized and paid for his talents on a regular basis now and Restless Films is blowing up…he was recently chosen to be featured on as part of their DXNext section. Check out this release from Court:


Today I’m excited to announce that I was selected as HipHopDX’s “DXNext” home page feature. See below for interview.
Thanks again for your support,




Teddy King interview with New Era

Posted in Interviews on February 18, 2010 by thefreshness

New Era spoke with Teddy about hats, street wear and the illest shop in NYC Boundless NY

Check it out…also big shout to Teddy and everyone at Boundless for the help with the Petey Green video shoot this week….it’s truly appreciated!

DonWill Interview w/Nodfactor

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DonWill sat down with Nodfactor to discuss a few things about production…check it out:

Don’t forget to check Laura’s Tape by DonWill

Lil Wayne Rolling Stone Cover

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The picture doesn’t seem new (See March ’09 Rolling Stone), but Rolling Stone Magazine hung out with Wayne and discussed his looming incarceration.

Wayne is “Goin’ In” on February 9th, so this record making machine, who normally records everyday anyway has been hard at work making as many tracks as he possibly can before that day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, you have to respect this guy as one of the hardest workers in the history of music, just based on the number of records he has made throughout the years.

The Carter 4 should be out sometime after he is released from prison, according to the article.