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Keef Brown – Phenomenal Quotes

Posted in Cd Reviews on February 21, 2010 by thefreshness

Keef Brown, AKA Big Keef, is a cat who I have had the chance to speak with online, and he is a very intelligent cat. Keef is a college student who is doing the spoken word ish, make sure to check his work out and get familiar with him. Keef is insightful, intelligent and has a dope flow to his words. I was very impressed by this project.



Wale – “Attention Deficit”

Posted in Cd Reviews, Music you should be listening to on November 10, 2009 by thefreshness


“What the fans can’t see, that mirror gonna notice.” Pens Wale on the track, “Mirrors.”

Such a line makes you think Wale is an introspective thoughtful MC. Which he is. Wale is both eclectic and original, with a whole region, the DMV, on his proverbial back. Some people will claim there is no quality hip-hop out there anymore; I would challenge them to listen to Attention Deficit.
After a couple of years doing mixtapes and what not, we finally get to hear Wale’s major debut, “Attention Deficit.” Although the D.C. rapper’s moment in the sun has been tainted a couple of times already. The album was leaked via the Internet last week, and additionally Target chose not to stock the album. Despite these hurdles, Wale seems to be hitting the social media outlets hard, in addition to the traditional media trying to push and promote his opus.

On “Contemplate” Wale raps, “Am I doing this for them or me?”
This seems like a stark contrast to the MC we hear on some other tracks. And this dichotomy is what makes Wale appealing too many. He is introspective, yet he is worried about the masses. He wants to stay true to himself, however he wants to make radio friendly songs. He is equal part nerd and tough guy so it seems. If nothing else, Wale is interesting. Lucky for us he is also a talented wordsmith.
Wale’s first offering off of Attention Deficit was “Chillin’.” This song alienated the same amount of people it made dance. “Chillin’” features Lady Gaga, however it dropped before she was as big as she is now. In addition, Gaga is not the most hip-hop friendly figure. Many fans balked at the idea of Wale working with someone like her. The reasons and the ridiculousness of that are topics for another day’s rant. The cut was a mild success on radio and in the clubs. Many believe that if a more traditional R&B singer had sung the hook, it would have been a much bigger hit.

One of Wale’s strongest points in my opinion come on the Mark Ronson produced, “90210.” Unafraid to touch on topics most M.C.’s, especially on their rookie effort, would steer clear of Wale speaks on the fast life many young ladies on the scene are living. Rapping about bulimia and cocaine with lines like, “She throws up whatever she eats, she leaves the bathroom with a nosebleed, live her whole life like T.V.” It’s the bold and ballsy subject matter that add to his skills on a joint like this.

There are some obligatory industry moments on the album. For one, the Gucci Mane appearance on “Pretty Girls” seems a bit forced to me and I wonder if it truly adds anything to the song or album besides Gucci’s buzz. The penchant Wale has for referring to himself by name is also a bit odd, but I guess when people mispronounce your name so often you develop a complex. It’s understandable.

At the end of the day, Wale seems most comfortable in his go-go roots, and really shines on those tracks. Add to those tracks the soul Wale offered, which is bolstered by a ridiculous list of songstresses like Marsha Ambrosius(Diary), Melanie Fiona(Beautiful Bliss), Chrisette Michelle(Shades), Jazmine Sullivan(Award Tour), and of course Lady Gaga(Chillin’). On top of those things Wale gave us something that is missing in much of today’s hip-hop, lyricism and consciousness. On “Shades” Wale is unafraid to tackle the issue of skin color within the black community; “I never fit in with them light skins, I felt the lighter they was, they better that they life is, so I resented them, and they resented me.”

It is Wale’s lack of fear to be himself that I think makes this album perfectly imperfect. Yes, there are flaws in Attention Deficit, however the holes in Wale’s armor seem to be badges of honor he wears proudly. He is not perfect, none of us are but Wale has given us an album full of thought provoking lyrics, beats that make us want to dance, and songs that make us feel. What more could we ask for?

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Chris Brown Graffiti Album Cover

Posted in Art, Cd Reviews on November 4, 2009 by thefreshness

Did C. Breezy steal Rihanna’s outfit last time they hung out? This is a rough cover. The cartoon guys in the corner? Weird.