Ques – Dreamz/Whiskey & Beer Video

One thing I really wish would happen more would be that local MC’s in every area could get put on a little more often without needing to have the connections or the machine behind them…money makes success, but there are so many talented dudes out there who get overlooked. I am hoping to be a little more consistent with my posting here of music that comes across my desk and makes me nod my head. Today that song which made me nod my head was by Ques, a cat from the BxBoro, who shot his video on location in NYC. I really like this song and video/concept. Keep doin’ your thing Ques!!

Check it:

Rapper Ques, who has already conquered the number one spot on nearly every internet music site including Imeem, Reverb Nation, Audio Street, and SoundClick, is now getting ready to drop his much anticipated album. RAP2k10, which features The Dream and producer Wyshmaster, will be released as a flash drive album as well as MP3 format. Fans online are most familiar with Ques as winner of “Best Song” on DJ Green Lantern Mixtape Myspace Invasion and the three time winner of “Best Song” on HoodHype.com. The Bronx native has also won awards for DJ Envy Hot 97 competition in New Jersey, Bowery Poetry Underground Competition, as well as Garageband.com and Ourstage.com “Best New Video” for the song “Dropped Call”. Described as “the hottest act out the Bronx heard thus far,” by Kevin Morrow, president of Live Nation, Ques is expected to deliver the same energy and attractive verses. Not only will Rap210k include music, but also videos, performances, a biography and interviews. Fans will get more value from this revolutionized Hip Hop release, and will also be able to give to a good cause. Proceeds from Ques’ album sales will be donated to the Red Cross Haitian Relief and Development fund in addition to Wyclef’s Yele Charity.


One Response to “Ques – Dreamz/Whiskey & Beer Video”

  1. I just brought this guy flash drive album WOW!!!! he’s gonna be big one day


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