The Obligatory Grammy Review

Ok, so thanks to the power of DVR, I no longer have to sit through the entire awards show. With that said I sat through as much as I could of every single performance. Here is what went through my head:

Lady Gaga has invented a lane for herself, one where people are polarized by her “talent.” I honestly feel she is an above average singer, a lame personality and dresses like a shiny lampshade, or Glinda the good witch:

So while, yes, she is making history and tons of money…I don’t get it.

I’m not a Beyonce fan, but she writhes around on a stage like no other…not sure if she sang or not…but I watched.

Taylor Swift? Stole the show, stole all the grammy awards and literally STOLE them in my opinion. Because she CAN’T SING!! I really don’t get this chick. She is not attractive so I can’t understand why her lack of talent is so easily marketed. And part of me really believes Kanye is responsible for her winning so many awards. He turned her into the chick America really felt bad for and therefore wants to see succeed. Too bad Stevie Nicks (talented as hell) showed her up on stage and proved that she can’t harmonize or really sing for that matter. Weak.

I was excited for Maxwell, that’s my dude and “Pretty Wings” was my R&B joint this year. He was Eh. Roberta Flack coming out was the highlight although she was a bt creepy looking, looked like she was wearing a neck brace.

Black Eyed Peas? Seriously? No Thanks. They looked like they just stepped out of Star Trek. Fergie had a metal visor on. Nope.

Wayne, Drake and Eminem doing Drop the world and Forever? It looked like it was good, too bad most of it was censored out! Great job production!

Oh and Brittany Spears? Not a good look.

And last but not least…who allowed MJ’s kids to speak on stage? Those poor kids…that was the worst part of anything I have watched on TV in a long time. Normally I would make jokes, but whoever let them up there should be charged with abuse.

Overall, seeing guys like Lionel and Smokey on stage and then watching my generation’s “stars” makes me a little upset…hopefully 2010 marks a move towards some better music.


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