Drunk Girl Falls Onto Train Tracks

Man if you told me some drunk girl had a train run on her the other night I would have imagined something totally different.

Watch the video, homegirl was WASTED (c) Plies. As she attempted to stomp out her cigarette which she was illegally smoking on the platform, she busted her ass and landed in a drunk heap in the middle of the train’s path.
Luckily, the sober people on the platform saw this going down and waved the train conductor down. As they waved the condictor slammed on the emergency brake and stopped inches from drunky. As she stood up and stumbled around on the tracks, the girl was apparently smiling. I guess she didn’t realize how close she was to being DEAD.

Despite a few cuts and bruises, she is and will be fine. She is lucky she didn’t land a few inches over on that third rail. She woulda been FRIED. Ouch.


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