Good & Bad and Creepy Halloween Costumes

Feel free to send more in the comment section, post the links

Bad: Nick Cannon – CMONSONNNNNN. I know she’s Mariah but you can’t do EVERYTHING she tells you to.

Score 3/10 Only gets the three because he did it for MARIAH. Other than that, weak.


Good: Angie Martinez and Miss Info of Hot97 as S&P LOL

Score 9/10 Innovative, funny as hell and creative. Plus who doesn’t wanna “Push It?” Keep it real. Classic.


Good: Weekend at Bernie’s – Bernie Lomax is the man

10/10 Creative and classic. Can’t be beat.


Good: Pretty Funny Spencer and Heidi are Jon and Kate plus 8 LOL

8/10 1 point per offspring.


Creepy: Al Roker as Hans Solo? I just got the chills.

0/10 Al Roker scares me. Seriously. He scares me.



Creepy x1000 – Perez Hilton as Lady GAGA!?

10/10, because  it’s SO creepy it’s great.



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