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Lil Wayne interviewed by Tim Westwood

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Shouts to for puttin me on to the video

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The second year of a student’s high school period  is commonly referred to as sophomore year. High school sophomores are expected to begin preparing for the college application process, including reducing and focusing their extracurricular activities. Whereas it was once primarily taken by students in the 11th grade, the PSAT, a college preparatory exam taken across the U.S., is now most commonly taken during a student’s sophomore year. Students at this level are also considered to be developing greater ability for abstract thinking.

I am not taking any tests, thank god. I don’t think im thinking more abstractly either. But this is my second term for The Freshness. After a year on hiatus I am back.

sophomore slump or sophomore jinx refers to an instance in which a second, or sophomore, effort fails to live up to the standards of the first effort. It is commonly used to refer to the apathy of students (second year of college or university) the performance of athletes (second season of play), bands (sophomore album), television shows (second seasons) and movies (sequels/prequels).

I’m not looking for a sophomore slump here, im not reinventing the wheel or putting out “De La Soul is Dead” which sold half as many units as 3 Feet High and Rising (both were staples of my youth).

My sophomore season in college I was the coach’s award recipient on the basketball team, my sophomore year in college my gpa actually went up for the only time in my life, I started DJing in my sophomore year which was dope, basically….me and “year 2” should work well together….hope you enjoy.

Coming soon

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Coming soon…after a year on hiatus…
The Freshness: Sophomore Year Status