It ain’t “new” but it is still FRESH

From one of my favorite projects in a long time, I felt like since I hadnt posted in a long time I might as well backtrack and put up some stuff I have really enjoyed. Phonte is a real smart, VERY opinionated dude. One of the most “interactive” guys in the game, he puts himself out there, for better and worse, anyone who has been on the Lawn knows this. I always respected him as the conventional MC, but the FE projects have been nothing short of inspirational (cheesy, i know). To see a guy who was so acclaimed as an MC have the cojones to swerve to the left and just do what he felt like doing is great! It can’t hurt to work with a guy like Nicolay. From the first album to now, these guys have been constantly knockin’ through my ipod…they should be on yours too.

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