Top Chef Fans, Marcel – BUSTED

This past Saturday it seems Marcel Vigneron, Top Chef Season 2 runner-up, was busted in Laguna Beach on for drunk driving. Mr. Whitefrofoamjelle himself was pulled over for speeding but the officer soon noticed that thefreaky foam loving chef was twisted! Sippin’ on that foam goes right to your head! Dude was arrested, and released on $2,500 bail.

It seems the only way for alot of these reality stars to stay in the news after their 15 minutes are up is to get drunk and drive around California. Im movin’ out there. I mean this guy, who may have the creeeepiest haircut of all reality television, is news WHY? Oh that’s right, it’s his FOAM creations! Mint grape jelle foam reductions always get me.

Does this guy’s hair ever move? Or is it a helmet? Somewhere Elan, who has terrible hair fashion too, is laughing it up. Again.


One Response to “Top Chef Fans, Marcel – BUSTED”

  1. Like the show (Top Chef) for some unexplainable reason…..

    But yeah foam on a meal sucks, it just looks like some freak in the kitchen ‘made himself happy’ on your dinner….. I’ll pass!

    Oh and yes COME to Cali, you won’t regret it!

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