Crack Kills Careers, and Performances…

Man oh man. Crack. The Drug. It is certainly not good for you or your career.

Why am I talking about crack you may ask. Well, at a recent Jodeci reunion show in Australia the effects of crackish behavior were demonstrated on full blast. First off in the crackish cliche, Devante didn’t show up. This now became a K’Ci and JoJo concert. K’Ci as usual walked around shirtless, however this guy’s ribs were sticking out so far he looked like one of those kids Sally Struthers used to cry about. When you watch the video it’s like watching a topless Tyrone Biggums pretend to sing. The concert was said to be terrible, but then in an even more cracky cliche move, JoJo just walked off the stage. After a few minute K’Ci decides to go into “All My Life’ the duo’s smash hit from back in the day. As he is leading the crowd through a sing-a-long JoJo finally walks back out on stage and begins to sing. Terribly. After about a minute and a half of the video you will see JoJo start to do some REALLY crackish stuff such as doubling over, rubbing his head and face and eventually collapsing. Now, crackheads collapse on the regular, this is by and large, par for the course when using crack. The most amazing part of this collapse though is the way the rest of the human beings in the venue reacted to it.

JoJo’s brother looked at him in a cracky heap on the stage, looked back to the audience, raised the roof a little and continued to “sing.” The security walked over to JoJo and picked up his mic and walked away. Can’t damage the mic! Forget about the lifeless heap of crackhead in a vest laying next to the mic. The crowd is cheering, although the cameragirl is shocked. After a little bit JoJo re-enters his body from the planet of Crack where he had been for a minute or so and rises to his feet with the help of his brother who has already finished the song, said goodnight to the crowd and asked the crowd to applaud JoJo for trying his best. Trying his best to do what? OD? Die? Ruin what smidge of a career they may have?

The craziest part is noone is surprised by this. The brothers hug in a “we are both on crack and so emotional let’s hug because I LOVE YOU MAN!” type of embrace, the crowd roars, and the 2 stumble off stage. It is a truly touching sight to see and I hope you watch and enjoy.

Those boys need Jesus. Or Betty Ford. Either or.




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