China’s Cheatin’!

As I already stated here the chinese women’s GIRL’S gymnastics team cheated! The minimum age is 16 (there’s no maximum, see: Oksana Bayul’s old ass) and these girls are clearly younger than that. There are rumors of documents proving the true ages being in the hands of the IOC. Word is they’re dragging their feet on the matter.

Well, The London Times REPORTS that a creepy little computer hacker (I picture all hackers looking like THIS ) has uncovered official Chinese state documents that supposedly prove He Kexin is NOT 16.

The creepy hacker found spreadsheets from the General Administration of Sport of China which list He’s birthdate as January 1, 1994 – making her 14 years and 220 days old. You can slap lipstick on a pig, that doesn’t make it a dog. You can say a 14 year old is 16, doesn’t make it true.

The creepy hacker is quoted as saying, “Much of the coverage regarding Kexin’s age has only mentioned ‘allegations’ of fraud, and the IOC has ignored the matter completely. I believe that these primary documents, issued by the Chinese state … rise to a level of evidence higher than ‘allegation’.”

So this report is about as surprising as the recent reports of Jonathan Knight being gay, but it’s still annoying. What is the point of having this world class competition with rules and regulations if you turn a blind eye to cheating.
Step your game up IOC.



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