Tight Jeans trend on guys…make it stop. please.

Mannnnnn this really needs to stop. Everywhere you look nowadays dudes are wearing skintight jeans. Rockers, hipsters, rappers, kids they’re all doing it! Truth be told, it’s not a good look. This is my cry for help, I don’t want to see it anymore because I know it won’t end at the tight jeans. Someone will always try and push the envelope and then not only will I have to see guys walking around with their crotch cleavage like this



But soon there will be guys wearing stuff like this:

as horrible as those things are, those I can respect because they’re at least trying to be progressive and new. Even worse will be the guys who try and go retro with the tight jeans. Certain styles need to stay dead, and I don’t think I can handle this look again:

Just get regular jeans. Stop trying so hard. I don’t want to see your junk, and I don’t want to bring acid washed jeans back.



2 Responses to “Tight Jeans trend on guys…make it stop. please.”

  1. runningmuslimah Says:

    I feel your pain. I can’t stand this look either. I’m a girl and I’m embarassed on behalf of guys who dress like this. It is so unflattering and unmanly and truly disgusting.

    • thefreshness Says:

      I dont get it! and the tighter they are the lower they wear them so the world at large gets to see their asscrack and underwear…cmon now

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