Sunglasses, they’re meant to be worn in the sun.

Ok so there’s not a helluva lot we can blame Corey Heart, but I am blaming this one on him bc of THIS song:

Ok so this is something I have noticed for a long time however recently on a trip to the Bahamas I noticed it more, then I came home to NYC and went to a few clubs/lounges and I guess i was looking out for it because I saw it EVERYWHERE I looked. Doofuses wearing sunglasses indoors and AFTER SUNDOWN.

We have to discuss this, because it takes deuschebaggery to a new level.

If it’s sunny out, you put on a pair of sunglasses. Take a peek at these lookers right here. They are using the sunglasses properly:

If its 2am and you’re getting into your car, you do NOT need sunglasses on

If you’re with a couple of your buddies in a bar getting drunk, you do NOT need sunglasses!

See, the word SUNglasses contains the prefix SUN, which stands for…..SUN. This is the manufacturer’s subtle way of telling you -the consumer- when to use their product. They’re not nightglasses, they’re not insidethedarkassclubglasses either.

SUNGLASSES. C’mon fellas. SUNglasses.




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