Hypebeasts – it ain’t a new thing, but I still don’t get it

Hypebeast is defined on good ol’ wikipedia as: a streetwear enthusiast who is only interested in having the latest trends as a status symbol, and is generally considered lacking in style and genuine appreciation of the culture.

Now, I am not one to say I have more or less style than the next guy but I will call him out if he’s acting crazier than a bag of angel dust. In my opinion buying a pair of kicks, any kicks whether they cost $100 or $1000, is something you do because you think they will look good on your feet. Perhaps you have a shirt or particular pair of jeans that go with the sneakers.

Now, especially in NYC, these kids will buy sneakers just to HAVE. Not to be worn outside. Seriously? That’s like going to McDonald’s for a burger and then shoving it in your pocket. It tastes so much better if you eat it, and the sneakers? They look so much better when you wear them. I understand some can be an “investment.” That is a small percentage of the people who horde sneakers.

I still don’t get it.

One argument I have heard is, “If I wear them outside, they might get dirty!”
If my uncle had a vagina, he’d be my aunt.

Moral of my rant?

Buy your kicks, wear your kicks, or give me your kicks.

I’m accepting donations, size 13.



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